Cultural Trip to Madrid 2014


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Level 2 photography students had the opportunity to go on a cultural trip to Madrid to follow up the Online Learning Collaborative they had been working on with the students from the Universidad de Europa in Madrid and meet the Coventry students who were are currently on the advantage year long exchange. It was a great opportunity for the students to see the city, taste the nightlife, visit galleries and sites of Madrid.

As a group, we visited Mercado San Miguel to taste the delicacies of Madrid Tapas. Saw the famous Velezquez paintings at the Museo del Prado. Viewed the Madrid Vistas from the top of the Circulo de Bellas Artes. Visited Ivory press, where we were given a private tour of their artist book collection and attended the Madrid photo book club. In smaller groups we visited the Stephen Shore exhibition at Foundation Mapfre, the food show at Telephonia, the shopping district, the Palace, the Botanic gardens and the shopping district.

Below are selected student feedback, photographs & video

Jess Bell “I loved experiencing a new country, seeing a different Culture. The trip allowed me to explore the city, as well as visiting relevant photographic areas… overall it was an amazing trip.”

DSC06207 copyStevie2

Emma Hogan “ I learned a few words of Spanish (although very few) and more about its city and culture.”

JonnysmlDSC06000 copy

Alice Riddy “I enjoyed spending time with my class and soaking up a new location and culture”

DSC06377 copyJessica Bell- Madrid(3)

Becka Grindell “ I thought is was an amazing experience to see a different culture”

DSC_0039 copyDSC06390 copy

Stevie Deale (Erasmus student from the USA) “I Learned about Spanish Culture, the culture of photography in Spain and how British people interact with Spanish people.”

DSC06013 copyJonny2smll

Stephen Ma “It was a really cultural trip and we learned a lot about Spanish lifestyle in a few days. Everyone on the trip, got on well and spent a lot of time together.”

One of the points,  all the students cited as memorable was when Stephen ordered, what he thought was a choc-ice but turned out to be a chocolate sandwich


Lee Morely “ This was an excellent insight into life into Madrid. This has proved a great help in making my choice to live there next year.”

Images supplied by

Jonny Bark, Jess Bell, Stevie Deale, Gemma Finch, Stephen Ma, Lee Morely, Alice Riddy & Aneta Warlikowski.

Featured Student projects completed in Madrid

Alex Taylor Streets of Madrid click here

Jonny Bark Photographing Madrid as a photographer not a Tourist

Lee Morley Documented the group in and around Madrid

Lecturers Matt Johntson & Caroline Molloy demonstrate Blue Sky thinking with the students from Coventry University, on the top of  Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid










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