Selected Responses to ‘Visualising Histories’ Archive Task

First off, a massive thank you to everyone for the amount of effort you put into last weeks task in which you were to re-purpose some archival material.

Here is a reminder of last weeks task.


Consider how you can activate your archival collection of family photographs or photographs of Coventry using one or more of the strategies discussed in this lecture.

What does that do to the archive?

Follow this through to produce a piece of work or images.

These strategies include but are not limited to:

Restaging (Trish Morrissey)
Layering with another photograph (Nicky Bird)
Filling in gaps
Creating a fictional archive (The Fae Richards Archive, Fontecuberta)
Looking for repetitions or similarities with other images (Erik Kessels)
Looking for typologies across your own and other archives (Hans Eijkelboom, Penelope Umbrico)

You may also like to consider who is represented in the archive photos, such as family members, and their voice.

So here are a selection of chosen works in which we think best responded to the brief.

Kelly Bryan

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 4.45.20 PM

Esther May

Tia Bryant

Georgia Ince

Lara Bailey

Emma Gleave 

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