CCI Gallery 2013

Selected works from 2013/14 Pilot Scheme 

Collaboration between Coventry University and Universidad de Europa in Madrid

Aiming to understand the wider context of another city as well as their own, working in small groups across the two universities, the students explored the same theme in different locations. Each group negotiated their theme in response to each others questions and requests. The students then presented their international partners work to their own cohort. This gallery has featured some of the pieces submitted by the participants.

Consumer Spaces

Both groups decided to investigate markets, within their local, particularly concerning the economic crisis.

Coventry Market – Post Recession

This is an extract from a longer piece for which the brief was to investigate consumer spaces. Coventry students responded by interviewing market stall holders about the changes they have observed in recent years following on from the recession.

Authors: Katherine Alcock, Adrian Giernalczyk, Katherine Korwaser Ullman, Adrian Oliver Wood & Kelly Smart

Authors: Alex, Ana, Alvaro, Belen & Javier (presented by their Coventry partner)

Leisure Time

Influenced by black and white movies, GianLuca De Vit, Nicolas Dominguez, Jose Luis, Jose Miguel & Maria Perdomo (madrid) were interested in sharing how they spent their leisure time (there is no sound for the first 30 seconds).

Eating Establishments

cov_eating7cov_eating8cov_eating5 cov_eating6

In response to discussions with their international partners Coventry University students Lucy Bartlet, Holly Constantine, Matt Hague & Steve Hirst decided to photograph the eating establishments they could afford to eat at, both during the daytime and at night. Angela, Cristian, Claudia, Melisa & Sara from the Universidad de Madrid were interested in representing the recession busting renovated Mercado De San Miguel eating space._DSC2109

9. Second floor - The Eatery7. Second floor - The Eatery

Night life

Using stills photography, Carman Carmensilva, Carmen do Pico, Jezabel, Raquel & Pepa (madrid) were interested in constructing a timeline of a typical night out.

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