Week 3 21.10.16: Connecting Communities

Today’s session considered the multiple ways in which photographers engage with community or their audience. This included looking at participatory practices, education, situating images in communal spaces and digital communities.

Keywords to think about…

Participation, collaboration, authorship, audience, conversation, blog, forum, democracy, democratic, fundamental, photovoice, education, location, gallery, street, urban, intervention,

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This week’s task:

This week is based around exploring through research.  Find a photographer that you are interested that works with, or connects in some way to, communities.  Think about their methodologies, how they might have approached working with those communities and the way in which they have been represented both in the work and in the presentation of that work. Write 50 words about how they connect or engage with community and upload a link or set of images to the G+ community page.

List of relevant Photographers/Artists:

Wendy Ewald

Jim Goldberg

Ben Krewinkel

Joe Lambert – Digital storytelling


Dana Lixenberg

Laia Abril

Richard Avedon


Francesca Seravalle

Fred Ritchin

Hank Willis Thomas

Bear 71

Penelope Umbrico

Rob Hornstra

Laura El Tantawy


Further reading:

Ritchin, R (2009) After Photography. Norton & Company, New York

Lambert, J. (2012). Digital storytelling. New York: Routledge.



Week 2 14.10.16: Visualising Histories

This lecture examines the body of the archive. It looks at the archive as an object for storytelling. Looking at contemporary practioners it raises questions about authorship, truth and authenticity.

Keywords to think about:

Visual methodologies, Art & the Archive, Appropriation, Re-authoring the archive, Visual Narratives, uncovering histories, Storytelling, Re-presentation, Re-photography.

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This week’s task, it is in two parts:

1 – Visit the History Gallery in the Herbert. Select an object in the Gallery that has been used to talk about history. You may want to think about how music, myths, weaving or the war are discussed in the gallery. In your RDB write a 200 word response in answer to how this object makes local histories more accessible.

Refer to the suggested reading: Kavanagh, G. Making Histories, Making Memoires. 1st Ed. Continuum International Publishing. Bloomsbury p18-31

2 – Using your family archive photographs, reweave the images and create a new narrative.

All submissions need to be added to the Google+ Community Culture & Identity page ahead of the feedback session.  Post the work to the  2016 Visualising Histories, working with archives section.

List of relevant Photographers/Artists:

Broomberg & Chanarin, Marcel Duchamp, Joan Foncuberta, Werner Herzog, Shuka Glotman, Susan Hiller, Erik Kessels &  Joep Eijkens, Susan Meiselas, Larry Sultan & Mike Mandel, John Stezaker, Clare Strand.

Further reading:

• Botlanski, C. (2009) The Possible life of Christian Boltanski, The Museum of Fine Art Boston

• Clark, E. (2013) Control House. Here Press

• Evans, D. (Ed) (2009) Appropriation. Whitechapel & MIT Press

• Hiller, S. (2005) The J Street Project. Warwickshire & Berlin, 2005

• Kessels, E. Eijkens, J (2009) in almost every picture. Kesselskramer

• Meiselas, S. (2008) Kurdistan: In the shadow of History. Chicago Press

• Merewether, C. (Ed) (2006) The Archive: Documents of Contemporary Art. Whitechapel & MIT Press

• Sultan, L. Mandel, M. (2003) Evidence. D.A.P.Inc.











• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWhY99cjJ64

Week 1 07.10.16: The Lure of the Local

This Lecture is designed to support the practice learning for CCI. Using London as a case study, the lecture discusses a variety of key artists and methodological approaches to understanding perspectives on place. To reference Lucy R. Lippard, we are looking at how the local is imbedded into land history and culture.

Keywords to think about…

The Lure of the Local, home, intimate meanderings, perspectives on place, home, community

Click on the image below to see this week’s lecture content:


This week’s task:

Record your Journey to University in 6-10 photographs

  • Think about how you are going to tell the story & plan the documentation
  • Experiment
  • Make it personal

To participate with the feedback, all submissions need to be added to the google+ Community Culture & Identity: page ahead of the feedback session on the Lure of the Local/My Journey to work heading.

List of relevant Photographers/Artists:

Suky Best, Chloe Dewe-Matthews, Peter Frazer, Tom Hunter, Martin Parr, Sharon O’Neill, Mark Power, Magda Segal, David Spero, Simon Terril, Lorrenzo Vitturi.

Further reading:

Alexander, J. (2015) Perspectives on Place. Bloomsbury

Best, S. (2005) The Return of the Native. Film & Video Umbrella

Calvino, I. (1972) Invisible Cities. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

Frazer, P. (2012) City in Mind. Steidl

Garrett, B. L. (2012) Everything is Place-Hacking in the City. Verso

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Well, L. (2011) Land Matters. I.B.Tauris