CCI Gallery 2016

The Gallery page aims to showcase responses to the tasks by students at the university as well as those taking part through the G+ community.   Make sure you check back here when the module is underway to see the featured work from the students on the CCI module.

The final submissions are in!  The last few weeks the students on CCI this year have been working away to finalise their bodies of work, which culminated in a hub take over last week.  There has been some fantastic work produced during this module, check out a selection below – and follow the links to see more…

Bea Debney – R.W.H. Davies Es 

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Jimmy Maxwell – BRUTALISM

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Jimmy projected the images onto the buildings on the streets of Coventry:final1SMALL final-2SMALL

Sean Moss


Katie Bywater

Anna Mooney – Between Cubicles



The students visited Milton Keynes last week for a live brief, responding to the concept of ‘Garden Cities‘. After researching the history behind the ideologies and concepts of the evolution of Garden Cities, each  group were asked to Rethink/React/Respond to the city. They presented their responses to the rest of the group this week. Check out the G+ page for all the responses.

The students responded in diverse ways, the highlights include:

The response from Niall, Danny, Milo and Alessandro, which used vernacular found images from the United States and matched them to sites found in Milton Keynes.


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The theme for this week was collaborative working responding to Site Specific – the students teamed up with students from the BA Enterprise course at Coventry University and were given the task to come up with ideas that would add social, cultural or political value to a particular area of Coventry.  Having input from students from a different course added new perspectives on potential opportunities.  A selection of their presentations can be seen here – with full details over on the Google+ page.





The theme for the third week of the module was Connecting Communities. The students were asked to contribute research to the group, with the aim of creating a group research and reference section for everyone to use and refer to for their own investigations. The students have added to and responded to these shared research resources on the Google+ community, considering how each others research could inform their own learning.


This week students have been responding to archives, by looking at their own family archives and weaving new narratives through the work.  The images are accompanied with texts that draw out the narrative in the work – for the full texts check out their work on the G+ community in ‘Responding to Archives.

Paulina Cetnarska


Taylor Caterer


Anna Tasker

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Kristyn Leach


Georgia Hutchins

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Becky Henderson


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The responses for the first task have been uploaded to the G+ community, follow the link to the G+ page to see all of the work.  The first task was to make images that represent the ‘Journey to College’. We have selected our favourites from all of the responses and here they are.

Liam Berg:

Liam Berg


Katie Bywater



Adam Goss

Milo Lethorn

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Amy Houston

Amy Houston

Mihaela Nita

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Megan Fulham

Georgia Hutchins

Georgia Hutchins

Kam Chaisuwan

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Marni Newburn