Week 3 17/10/17: Visualizing Histories / Sian Macfarlane

This lecture examines the body of the archive. It looks at the archive as an object for storytelling. Looking at contemporary practioners it raises questions about authorship, truth and authenticity.

Keywords to consider…

Landscape, immersion, map, relocate, revisit, time/chronology, typology, strategy, collaboration, synchronicity 

Restage, re-contextualise, performance, framework, vernacular photography, the family album, fact and fiction, fabrication

Click on the image below to see the lecture content:

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Consider how you can activate your archival collection of family photographs or photographs of Coventry using one or more of the strategies discussed in this lecture.

What does that do to the archive?

Follow this through to produce a piece of work or images.

These strategies include but are not limited to:

Restaging (Trish Morrissey)
Layering with another photograph (Nicky Bird)
Filling in gaps
Creating a fictional archive (The Fae Richards Archive, Fontecuberta)
Looking for repetitions or similarities with other images (Erik Kessels)
Looking for typologies across your own and other archives (Hans Eijkelboom, Penelope Umbrico)

You may also like to consider who is represented in the archive photos, such as family members, and their voice.

Post on G+ community page by October 24th for the feedback session

List of relevant Photographers/Artists discussed:

Helen Sear: ‘Inside the view’ (2004-2008)
Jem Southam: ‘Upton Pyne’ (1996-2003)
Susan Derges: ‘River Taw’ (1997)
Stephen Shore: ‘Hackney Flowers’ (2007)
Nicky Bird: Beneath the Surface / Hidden Place (2007-2010)
Trish Morrissey: Seven Years (2001-2004)
Trish Morrissey: Front (2005-2007)
Sophy Rickett / Bettina von Zwehl: Album 21 (2015)
Zoe Leonard / Cheryl Dunye: The Fae Richards Photo Archive (1997)
Joan Fontecuberta: Fuana (1987)
Joan Fontecuberta: Sputnik (1997)
Broomberg and Chanarin: People in Trouble Laughing Pushed to the Ground (Dots)


Suggested reading

The Archive. Edited by Charles Merewether Whitechapel: Documents of Contemporary Art
Place. Tacita Dean and Jeremy Deller (2005). Thames and Hudson.
Land Matters. Landscape Photography, Culture, Identity. Liz Wells (2011) I.B. Taurus.
Landscape. John Wylie (2007) Routledge.
Perspectives on Place: Theory and Practice in Landscape Photography. JAP Alexander (2015) Fairchild Books

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