Week 2 10/10/17: Connecting Communities

Today’s session explored the ways in which photographers engage with communities and foster relationships to encourage photographic participation in different forms. By looking particularly at the role or position of both photographer and community in that relationship, multiple methodologies emerge. Using examples from established photographers and artists, we move beyond the idea of the photographer as the ‘solitary figure’ into something far more democratic through collaborative and partcipatory practices.

Keywords to consider…

Subject, spectacle/spectator, co-author/co-creator, insider/outsider, audience, authorship, collaboration, participation, performance, education.

Click on the image below to see the lecture content:

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Connecting Communities task:

Research into the work of two very different artists/photographers who engage with a community in some form. Analyse and reflect on each body of work, taking into consideration the discussion points from the session.

What is the position or role of the photographer/artist within that relationship? How is this position reflected in the kind of work produced? What are their ethical considerations? What other ways might they have been able to approach working with that community and how might that have changed the body of work produced?

Include images in your response and post on G+ community page by 17th October for the feedback session.

List of relevant Photographers/Artists discussed:

Walker Evans
Lucy Levene
Mark Wright
Simon Terrrill
Jan Brykczynski
Jo Metson-Scott
Tom Wood
Eugene Richards
Erica Van Horn
Tom Hunter
Peter Mitchell
Victoria Hely-Hutchinson
Wendy Ewald
Diana Markosian
Ben Krewinkel
Ethan Rafal

Further Reading:


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