Week 1 03/10/17: The Lure of the Local


This lecture was an introduction to the Community Culture and Identity course delivered by Caroline Molloy. Focusing on her familiar territory of East London, we are presented with a wide array of artists whose differing approaches all respond to place.

“Culture is usually understood as what defines place and what it means to people” Lippard, L. (1997)

Click the image below to review this weeks slides.

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This weeks task!

Check out all of the following bodies of work and think about how they respond to community culture and identity.

Carlos Alba: ’The Observation of Trifles’
Elin Hoyland: ‘Brother Sister’
Joanne Lee: ‘The good place that is no place, cultivating utopian home’
Maciej Dakowicz: ‘Cardiff after dark’
John Duncan: ‘Bonfires’
Chrystel Lebas: ’Filed Studies’
Daniel Meadows: ‘The Bus’
David Moore: ‘Pictures from the Real World’
Alice Myers: ‘Between Blinking’
Martin Parr: ‘The last resort’
Joel Sternfeld: ‘On this Site’
Jon Tonks: ‘Empire’

You will need to pin up your comments to 2 of the bodies of work on the G+ working space


To participate with the feedback, all submissions need to be added to the google+ Community Culture & Identity: page ahead of the feedback session on the Lure of the Local


List of artists discussed in this session

Hans Eijkelboom, Lorenzo Vitturi, Martin Parr, Magda Segal, Tom Hunter, David Spero, Mark Power, Sharon O’Neill, Simon Terrill, Chloe Dewe Matthews, Peter Frazer, Suky Best, Zed Nelson, Johanna Neurath, 

Further Reading

Alexander, J. (2015) Perspectives on Place. Bloomsbury
Best, S. (2005) The Return of the Native. Film Video Umbrella
Calvino, I. (1972) Invisible Cities. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Frazer, P. (2012) City in Mind. Steidl
Garrett, B. L. (2012) Everything is Place-Hacking in the City. Verso
Garrett, B.L. (2014) Subterranean London: Cracking the Capital. Prestel
Lippard, L. (1997) The Lure of the Local. The New Press
Nelson, Z. (2015) A Portrait of Hackney. Hoxton Mini Press
Neurath, J. (2015) Columbia Road. Hoxton Mini Press
Power, M. (2007) 26 Different Endings. Photoworks
Pardo, A. Parr, M. (2016) (Eds) Strange and Familiar. Prestel
Segal, M. (1993) London at Home. Corner House Publishing
Spero, D. (2006) Churches. Steidl
Vitturi, L. (2014) Dalston Anatomy. SPBH
Well, L. (2011) Land Matters. I.B.Tauris

www.tate.org.uk/art/research-publications/camden-town-group/valerie-williams-london-narratives-in-photography-1900-35- r1104366


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