Artist Sian Macfarlane pays us a visit

Sian Macfarlane is a regular visitor to the Community, Culture and Identity module, and she came along today to present her practice to this year’s cohort. Sian is a photographic artist who weaves together archives, moving image, stills and audio to create immersive and documentary video installations.  This year Sian spoke about her MA work ‘We will meet sooner than two mountains’ from 2013, her artist residency at New Art Gallery Walsall with the work ‘We are illuminated‘ from 2015, as well as her most recent on-going projects.

Sian spoke about her methodologies and working practices, particularly all of the different elements that form the narratives that she explores.  The students are currently in the final stages of developing their work so Sian’s work has given them all something to think about! Afterwards Sian was also able to work with the students on their own work, adding in a new perspective.


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