Week 5 04.11.16: Masterji and Coventry

This week we had a change in location, taking the sessions down to Fargo village, Coventry.  Currently installed in The Box is the first solo show of 94 year old Coventry Photographer Masterji – we went to visit the exhibition and have a talk and workshop with Jason Tilley and Ben Kyneswood who have curated the show and explored the archives.

Check out @photominers and photomining.org to find out about the work that they do around archives.  The students were engaged in the talk about the work, and were able to get involved themselves with the makeshift ‘Masterji studio’ set up in the space.  The exhibition is on until 20th November – it’s well worth a look!

If you want to find out more about the exhibition CCI module leader for Caroline Molloy was asked by Photomonitor to write a review on the exhibition, where you will also be able to find out a bit more about the curators of the exhibition – Photo archive Miners, and check out their website to explore the ‘app’ that they have created to enable online reworking and interaction with archives, creating your own digital exhibition.

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