Week 2 14.10.16: Visualising Histories

This lecture examines the body of the archive. It looks at the archive as an object for storytelling. Looking at contemporary practioners it raises questions about authorship, truth and authenticity.

Keywords to think about:

Visual methodologies, Art & the Archive, Appropriation, Re-authoring the archive, Visual Narratives, uncovering histories, Storytelling, Re-presentation, Re-photography.

Click on the image below to see the lecture content:


This week’s task, it is in two parts:

1 – Visit the History Gallery in the Herbert. Select an object in the Gallery that has been used to talk about history. You may want to think about how music, myths, weaving or the war are discussed in the gallery. In your RDB write a 200 word response in answer to how this object makes local histories more accessible.

Refer to the suggested reading: Kavanagh, G. Making Histories, Making Memoires. 1st Ed. Continuum International Publishing. Bloomsbury p18-31

2 – Using your family archive photographs, reweave the images and create a new narrative.

All submissions need to be added to the Google+ Community Culture & Identity page ahead of the feedback session.  Post the work to the  2016 Visualising Histories, working with archives section.

List of relevant Photographers/Artists:

Broomberg & Chanarin, Marcel Duchamp, Joan Foncuberta, Werner Herzog, Shuka Glotman, Susan Hiller, Erik Kessels &  Joep Eijkens, Susan Meiselas, Larry Sultan & Mike Mandel, John Stezaker, Clare Strand.

Further reading:

• Botlanski, C. (2009) The Possible life of Christian Boltanski, The Museum of Fine Art Boston

• Clark, E. (2013) Control House. Here Press

• Evans, D. (Ed) (2009) Appropriation. Whitechapel & MIT Press

• Hiller, S. (2005) The J Street Project. Warwickshire & Berlin, 2005

• Kessels, E. Eijkens, J (2009) in almost every picture. Kesselskramer

• Meiselas, S. (2008) Kurdistan: In the shadow of History. Chicago Press

• Merewether, C. (Ed) (2006) The Archive: Documents of Contemporary Art. Whitechapel & MIT Press

• Sultan, L. Mandel, M. (2003) Evidence. D.A.P.Inc.











• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWhY99cjJ64

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