Dr Suncem Kocer discusses the opportunity practice based research offers a media anthropologist

Session overview

Suncem Kocer is a media anthropologist. The specific focus of her research is independent media producers who revolve their media production around identity issues. On the third year of her doctoral studies in the United States, She moved to Istanbul Turkey for 18 months to conduct research for her dissertation. She describes how she was both thrilled to return to her home country, after so many years in the States and keen to also do research with Kurdish filmmakers. She queried how she was going to build relationships with them, whether they would share their perspectives on film production and identity politics with her ?

She was not aware, at this point,that she would become a documentary film producer at the end of her research year. Within the course of 18 months in the field as she posed her research questions to her informants, worked with them, and I ended up sharing their production. Years later today, She is doing research with newsmakers and reporters in Turkey, produces and anchors on national TV shows. Based on these experiences she will discuss the opportunities that practice-based research offers to a media anthropologist as well as the difficulties one may encounter during practice-based research.

Suncem Kocer Talk Here

Suggested reading

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