Dr Gemma Commane discusses Engendering Space

How can space be colonised & subverted to perform identity?

Dr Commane raises questions about the construction of space.

Session overview:

The session will explore subcultural clubbing spaces (BDSM, Goth, fetish and performance art clubs) and how gender is negotiated and performed within locations that allow non-normativity to happen. What non-normativity is, how it is ‘preserved’ and protected by the space (door polices, etiquettes and expectations), and how clubbers value both location and identity as ‘sacred,’ will be shown. Conversely, the session will also identify the limitations of subcultural clubbing spaces through the temporality of genderfuck and subversion, the regulation of femininity, the nighttime economy, and mainstream conformity in gender relations. The session will identify that interconnections of space, identity and ‘subversion’ are not straightforward, even in locations where individuals have ‘space’ to express themselves ‘outside’ of the mainstream. Therefore, the session will identify the freedoms and contractions within subcultural clubbing spaces through focusing on gender.

Gemma Commane Talk Here

Suggested reading

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